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Exhibit on view at Random Parts, 1206 13th Ave, Oakland, CA
July 30 - September 10, 2016
Viewing hours: Thursday August 4, 18, 25, September 1 and closing event on the 10th from 4-7pm each night.
You can also schedule an appointment through the contact page.



Boom: The Art of Resistance, A Diversity of Bay Area Anti-Displacement Tactics, is a growing visual archive of local projects, resources and strategies to hold onto our homes and communities. The project was launched alongside a gallery show at Random Parts in Oakland bringing together grassroots and coalition-oriented anti-displacement efforts, art and action documentation from both sides of the Bay. It was developed by anti-eviction organizer and artist Leslie Dreyer in consultation with OaklandAwake, Bay Area Society of Art and Activism and various anti-displacement projects and initiatives.



Communities in the Bay Area are being pulled apart on a daily basis, an ongoing pattern since the colonization of Ohlone land. Unfortunately, the “real estate snakkkes and devil-opers”, as Poor Mag deems them, have sharpened their house-flipping and wealth-siphoning skills in this second tech boom. With a nod to Boom: The Sound of Eviction, a collectively made film documenting the housing crisis and affiliated activism during the late 90’s dot-com era, Dreyer organized Boom: The Art of Resistance as an exhibition and growing visual archive of current Bay Area anti-displacement tactics. The included works represent a broad array of grassroots and coalition-oriented efforts designed to hold onto ‘home’ while laying the groundwork for just and equitable futures.

Though there are countless groups fighting displacement throughout the Bay, it can still be difficult for some individuals to find ways to plug in, and in some instances, to understand their responsibility to communities facing eviction. In mapping out initiatives, from long-haul campaigns to everyday gestures, Boom: The Art of Resistance presents critical reflections on race, class and accessibility politics within the struggles, while calling for all hands on deck.

Public shaming, land reclamation, public intervention, guerilla art campaigns, media spectacles, eviction blockades and city hall shut downs are some of the many tactics used within our local land and housing rights ecosystem. Some of the included works in the exhibit forefront art as the integral activist or organizing strategy, others maintain the community process as the art form, and still others incorporate design or theatrical elements but battle with Art used to usher in gentrification and gloss over displacement. As San Francisco and Oakland hemorrhage their black population at an alarming rate and the Bay becomes one of the most unaffordable areas in the world, the show calls on viewers to take action.

This resource site is a work in progress. Please stay tuned for more featured actions and updates.