Narratives of Displacement

Project: Narratives of Displacement

Practitioner: Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Date: 2015-ongoing

Location: Bay Area

Description: This project aims to document these changes in San Francisco and Alameda County by foregrounding the stories of people who have been, who are being, or who were being, displaced. By collecting oral histories the project creates a living archive of people and places, documenting deep and detailed neighborhood and personal histories. In doing so the project creates a counter-narrative to more dominant archives that elide detail and attention to legacy, culture, and loss in the city. Our map lives online to be interacted with by the public, but also offline in physical spaces including our current zine project and our narrative mural in Clarion Alley. While we are interested in stories of dispossession, we are not interested in reducing people to their evictions, and thus instead focus on the intimacies of personal relationships to shifts in spatiality as processes of gentrification unevenly unfold. We recognize that displacement transpires in kaleidoscopic forms, and that loss is corporeal, cultural, haunting, and real.


Tactic: People’s History, Mapping